Together with creative dynamism, special attention to the finishing of textiles is one of the elements that characterizes lace quality. We realize our lace making use of  high-level laminations and prints, and we make sure that the processing of textile finishing, dyeing and finish is carried out utilizing products that do not contain substances harmful to human health. Our mission is to provide quality creations respecting nature and the environment.

Proving a strong entrepreneurial awareness towards energy issues and their consequences on the ecosystem, and its respect for natural and human environment, the company has decided to invest for a better future, committing to build a photovoltaic system that will span above the 9000 square meters of its warehouses. Thanks to the new technologies based on sun generated power production, this system provides for the energy needs of our plants, while contributing to the reduction of air pollution.

We believe in the value of our work, in our ability to generate profit, well-being and quality, based on our creativity. We also believe strongly in a future where the quality of life for each individual is at the fore, envisioning a better world.